How old does my son or daughter need to be to attend the camp?

This is for middle school athletes (not high school). There have been exceptions but most of the campers are entering the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade this fall.



The camp does attract some top athletes. However, if your child has the passion and desire to improve, just spending the time at camp is sure to give them the tools they need. Plus, they'll be running and learning from elite athletes during the week.  You'll also be running with some former college runners and some top level high school runners who will be leading runs and hanging out at the camp.  Any motivated athlete is sure to get enough passion and memories to last.

How will I reach my camper if they don't have their phone during the day?

At check-in we'll provide emergency phone numbers for the counselors.

How many campers to a room?

Campers will be staying in a one story lodge style dorm like you'd find if you've attended outdoor school or a church summer camp.  There are 2-3 bunks in a room. The location of the Camp is called Camp Arrah Wanna, we'll be in Judson Lodge.

What's the ratio of campers to staff?

One coach or camp staff person for every five campers.

My camper has some special dietary needs.

If you didn't alert us in your registration please let us know in advance of the camp so we can take care of your camper.

What shall I pack for camp?

• water bottle
• running shorts
• plenty of socks
• running shirts
• running pants
• sweatshirt, warm clothing (it can get cold, especially at night)
• light running jacket
• 2 pair of running shoes (regular training shoes + a pair suitable for trails)
• sunscreen, chap stick, hat
• pajamas
• swimsuit
• jeans/"Regular" clothing (not required) but if runner feels like getting out of running gear
• notebook and pen
• coin-operated laundry units available

  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Personal items such as toothpaste & shampoo
  • Light backpack for our trail runs if you have
  • Optional - Sunglasses
  • Towel
  • Sleeping Bag - There is NO BEDDING provided at this camp. If you're flying in and have no room we can provide a sleeping bag for you. Please let us know ahead of time.
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Light rain's August and we don't expect any rain but hey, it's Oregon and sometimes mother nature lets a few drops fall down just because she can.

*Spending money-travel if your camper will be at the airport and needing snacks plus we may have some YR Gear for sale.

*What not to bring*

iPads, laptops, computers

What about cell phones?

Please bring your cells phones so you can call home if you'd like during "call time" after dinner. On our day outing you'll want to have with you for pictures. What we don't want is for you to be texting at night in your room.
Sleep is an important part of training for a runner and you'll need your night time rest during the camp.

We will ask for your phones when you check in.

Will you pick up our camper from the airport and get them back for the return flight?

Yes, provide the flight details and any documents about minor supervision.
Airlines will be asking you for the name of the person picking up your camper so once you're ready to go be sure to email us for the contact info.  Important to make sure you get all the details from your airline up front. Requirements are constantly changing and we want to make sure your camper is covered on both ends of the trip.