Camp Arrah Wanna
Mt. Hood Village, Oregon

Elevation 1,320'



Camp has moved to a new location this year! 

Check out this drone view of Mt. Hood Resort within 5 min of the camp.
It gives you the birds eye perspective of the terrain.

Being on campus at Lewis and Clark College and living in the dorms has been awesome but we wanted to offer a new experience to our campers this year. For 2017 we'll be at Camp Arrah Wanna at Mt. Hood Village.

Besides the running trails and awesome camp atmosphere there are a ton of activities when we're not running such as a great swimming pool, soaking our feet in the Salmon River after a long run, & day trips to other local sites.

For families planning a vacation to Oregon there are great accommodations and resorts near the camp.  Plus, Portland's blend of natural beauty and running culture can't be beat. 


Portland is nestled in the Willamette Valley, right in between the rugged Pacific coastline and Mt. Hood, a mountain with so much snow the Olympic Ski Team practices there and world class snowboarders ride all summer long. On a clear day from downtown Portland you can look through the trees and see Mt. Hood off to the east and Mt. St. Helens, which is an active volcano, to the north. We gotta say, it's pretty gorgeous up here. 

Portland is also the home to some impressive running history. Companies like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour have their headquarters and roots running all through the area. Plus, south of Portland in the City of Eugene, is the home of University of Oregon and the Historic Hayward Field. There you can run on Pre's Trail and absorb the greatness.